Vision and Responsibility

About Us

Canada is home to Brome and to the Squirrel Buster® brand of squirrel proof bird feeders. Led by our intrepid founder, Paul Cote, and supported by an impressive list of patents, Brome is dedicated to caring for this planet and its creatures. We are much more than just 100% proven squirrel-proof technology.

our foundation

Legacy Construction™

Disposable products are no longer an option. All of our products are designed with our planet in mind and based on our Legacy Construction™ design code. All parts are designed to be replaceable and recyclable. The future of new products, manufacturing and the preservation of our planet must be linked to a vision of products made to last.

feathered friends

Bird Conservation

We proudly support bird conservation by donating our feeders to the Canadian Wildlife Federation and to over 25 bird festivals in North America to help them with their fundraising efforts. Each feeder’s literature also includes links to Project FeederWatch, promoting birdwatching and research, as well as encouraging our customers to be part of a bigger movement for wildlife conservation.

our promise to you

Lifetime Care™

Should you need a part covered under our warranty, we will provide it for free to extend the life of our products, and shipping is on us.

Call us for advice or help. A real person will be happy to assist: 1-800-856-5685 Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (EST), except holidays.


We ❤️ Squirrels

We've sold millions of Squirrel Buster® squirrel proof feeders, but our brilliant patented designs do not harm squirrels in any way. When a squirrel lands on a Squirrel Buster®, its weight automatically closes the seed ports, denying access to the seed but not hurting the squirrels. An elegant solution, though we can't help worrying about the eventual emotional toll!