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Anatomy of a Squirrel Buster®

See what makes these award-winning designs the best-rated feeders on the market.

No Tools Required

Our detachable component system requires no tools and dismantles easily and by hand, making cleaning a cinch.

Seed tube

Our collection of Squirrel Buster® squirrel proof bird feeders accommodate different kinds and volumes of seed.


Our smallest Squirrel Buster® has the same chew-proof properties as larger models: All exposed parts are made of chew-proof metals or RoxResin®, a remarkable waterproof and UV stabilized material.

Cardinal ring

Cardinals prefer to face their food source directly, as they have difficulty turning their heads to feed. The custom grip of our patented Cardinal Ring System™ allows them to perch securely and feed comfortably.

Truly squirrel proof

Our patented shroud is featured on all our Squirrel Busters and is activated by weight. It stays open for birds but closes securely the moment a weightier creature climbs aboard.

Feeding port

This Squirrel Buster® Finch model has 8 feeding ports to accommodate both clinging & perching birds.

Lifetime Care™

Need a replacement part for your feeder? Call us and we'll send you what you need. It's as simple as that.

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